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Mining was just the beginning

This is about what comes next

Eighth Fire Solutions is where innovation and wisdom collide



Who We Are:

Eighth Fire Solutions represents an unparalleled collective of Indigenous Knowledge Holders and Practitioners, committed to creating a globally unique space for solving the most challenging issues that great organizations face every day.

Since 2010, we have proven to be a leader in developing the trust and clarity of vision necessary for vanguard corporations to navigate complexity. We work hand-in-hand with some of the biggest companies in the world, collaboratively applying Traditional Environmental Knowledge to achieve longterm, sustainable development.

Eighth Fire Solutions brings together leaders in responsible corporate citizenship with Indigenous Knowledge Holders, Practitioners, and communities to address complex problems surrounding environmental, social, and financial prosperity.


What we do:

Eighth Fire Solutions provides the structure and safety necessary to engage in today’s toughest conversations and foster innovation at the nexus of sustainability and prosperity. Our facilitation team and unique setting ensures these tough conversations are productive and progressive. Our approach connects industry-leading organizations with leaders in Indigenous Knowledge and Practice from across Canada.

We have previously engaged with the following organizations, and more:


What We Offer:


Research Partnerships

TEK 101 Coaching

Land-Use Planning

Revegetation Strategy


Cross-Cultural Strategy

Cultural Mapping

Mine Closure Strategy

Native Seeding


Cross-Cultural Dialogue

Environmental Monitoring

 Subsequent Land-Use Planning

Social Due Diligence

Keynote Speeches


Eighth Fire Solutions can help move your organization forward.

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